Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rev it up Revver!

There are video hosting services and then there are video hosting services that do their thing in style. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is one of the sites on my research list but it is also one of the coolest, funkiest sites I've come across. To start with, their introduction is a snappy, snazzy video which sells you the benefits of publishing you content there and making money from it (one of their lines goes - "What if you could make a living being yourself")

Its simple and straightforward, human and hilarious. Check it out yourself here.

How it works:

When you upload your video to Revver, Revver attaches an advertisement and its tracking technology called "Revverizing" to it. Whenever anyone clicks on that ad, you get paid. Revver splits the ad revenue with you 50/50.

You can also make money by sharing Revver videos through its affiliate program. As a Revver member, you make 20% of the ad revenue from each video you share. The remaining money gets split 50/50 between the video artist and Revver. More details on their community forums here.

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