Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Video hosting websites that share revenue

On the world wide web, there are video hosting websites that just allow you to host your videos on them. YouTube is an example although there have been talks about a rev-share system coming soon.

Then there are video hosting websites that let you make money from the content (videos) you produce and want to publish online. And here’s our list of those websites. Each of them has different offerings, from the extent of ad-share to variety of formats. Interesting stuff.


Blip offers a very wide range of ad-share options where YOU can choose or BLIP can choose. Either way, you stand to earn 50% of the revenue.


On the most basic level, there’s a standard 50-50 rev-share scheme which Revver offers. Additionally, you can also make 20% by sitting pretty and simply sharing videos.


Probably the most differentiated option available online, Metacafe pays you $5 every 1,000 views (after the first 20,000 clicks on your video and if your rating is 3 and above). Yes its cute!


If you created it, you set its price! Yes that’s Hungryflix, and it keeps 40% of each sale.


Two options here: revenue-share on advertising and if ads sell the revenue is spilt 50-50. Or you can sell and rent video downloads in a player on your website and on Here you get to control the pricing and usage terms for each title, and earn 70% of the revenue from sales.


Flixya works with Google adwords to share revenue with content producers. When it shows the video a Google ad roll is added next to it, from which they share the revenue with you 50/50.


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