Thursday, April 12, 2007 - Create - Grow - Earn

For creators on online video content who want to make money off it (anyone there who doesn't??) Brightcove is an interesting service to explore:

Publishing and Distributing Content:
  1. With the Brightcove Syndication Marketplace, you can create and manage relationships with a network of affiliates who syndicate your channel.
  2. Distribute paid downloads through AOL Video - you can automatically sell your video downloads directly through AOL Video and reach's audience.
  3. You can be live on which means your channel automatically appears on the site, so consumers can easily find and watch your videos and buy your video downloads.
Making Money:
  1. When you launch a channel your content will be reviewed for participation in the Brightcove Ad Network. If ads run against your content, you get 50% of the revenue.
  2. Earn from digital downloads: Sell and rent video downloads in a branded player on your website and on You control the pricing and usage terms for each title, and earn 70% of the revenue from your sales.

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